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Dancing Partners

Fri 22 January - Sat 23 January

This event has passed.
Picture of two dancers embracing

An exciting opportunity to enjoy performances by four companies at the front of contemporary dance.

Manchester’s Company Chameleon, who are currently in the running for a National Dance Award for Best Independent Company, plays host and welcomes Spellbound Contemporary Ballet from Italy, Norrdans from Sweden and Thomas Noone Dance from Spain.

Dancing Partners 2016 trailer from Company Chameleon on Vimeo.

In an evening of stunning dance the audience is taken on an international journey through solo, duet and quartet performances. Five individual and beautifully crafted pieces will be performed.

Physical, imaginative and expressive, this evening of work will challenge perceptions and showcase dance practice across an international spectrum.

Post-Show Talk with Anthony Missen | Fri 22 January.

The Dances

Watch Me
Thomas Noone Dance, Spain
Watch Me is a wry solo-duet that turns the spotlight back to the audience and challenges our perceptions as spectators. The piece explores how we interpret what we are watching and how we are programmed to respond according to context.




Hands Down

Company Chameleon, Manchester
A tightrope of togetherness, will you catch me if I fall? Let go, hold tight, what does it take for a bond to be broken? Powerful and emotive, this contact-based duet explores the tensions of union and how we display strength and vulnerability in relationships.


I Went Out On A Summer's Night
Norrdans, Sweden
Choreographed by Company Chameleon's Anthony Missen
Mother, father, daughter and a sort of outside being take you into a fantasy world in this dramatic and expressive thriller. Let your mind go on a journey of inner fears, wishes and dreams, but how much is in your head and how much is for real?


Controfuse and Small Crime - Renouncing Pride Creates Miracles
Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Italy
Mesmerising and hypnotic contemporary ballet from Italy’s finest. Spellbound present two duets including Controfuse, a work originally produced to celebrate the company’s 20th Anniversary in 2014. The second piece, Small Crime - Renouncing Pride Creates Miracles, explores what happens when a person is at the centre of your thoughts, and how revenge can spin out of control and turn into crime.

Dancing Partners Open Rehearsal 
FREE - pre-book here
Fri 22 January
4.30pm - 5.30pm

With such a hub of dance knowledge and expertise in one place, the choreographers and dancers take the opportunity to learn and develop from each other in a programme of workshops and classes. The Open Rehearsal presents the chance to see some of the developmental process. This is an opportunity to go behind the scenes, see the dancers prepare and get up close to the rehearsal process.


The Show Will Go On! Adverse Weather

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