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Unlimited Theatre

Play Dough

by Clare Duffy

Sat 2 April

This event has passed.
Picture of kids with balloons

What is money? Did you know you can make it with the power of your imagination?

Join Unlimited Theatre for ‘Play Dough’ - the game show where you can play with 10,000 real pound coins.

Our hosts Queenie and TooMuch will lead your team through a series of high-energy games while telling you their story, and everything they know about how money really works. 

You can’t take the cash home with you – but if you win, you get to decide the end of the story. 

Play Dough is a playfully interactive show for young people 7+ and their families about the value of money.

“There’s plenty of fun to be had... between the emotional effect of the “real-life” story and the well-explained and educational reasoning for fun interactive games involving a pile of pound coins, it balances a difficult subject in a manner which hopefully opens the eyes of parents and children alike.” The Scotsman **** 

Fast paced, fun and engaging. It makes the subject matter fascinating and accessible for young audiences (and older audiences).” Broadway Baby

SEE PHOTOS (including that pile of £1 coins!)

Play Dough is every child's dream come true... You have the chance to play lots of fun games with the money and to bet if you will win or lose it. So... Are you a winner? Go and see this great show to find out.” Fest (Cameron Seale, children’s reviewer, age 11)



Produced by Unlimited Theatre

Supported by Arts Council England, Made in Scotland and Leeds Inspired.

Co-commissioned by ARC Stockton Arts Centre

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