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Penny Dreadful, Jackson's Lane & Richard Jordan Productions

Penny Dreadful's Etherdome

Thu 13 October - Sat 15 October

This event has passed.
The Etherdome

Limited £5 tickets available on Studio shows - book now!

Frankenstein’s alive – and he’s about to extract your wisdom teeth! Award-winning Penny Dreadful cordially invite you to enter the Etherdome, so take your seats for this darkly funny tale of 1850s America, where carnival sideshows meet live bluegrass… and dentistry!

It’s the start of the so-called Scientific Age and major surgery – including amputation, heart surgery and tooth extraction – is still carried out utilising only a stiff whisky or a stick to bite on. In a fairground tent, alongside tea-leaf fortune tellers, an amazing discovery is made by accident – but who actually made it?

Mick Barnfather (Peepolykus, Right Size, Complicité) directs this extraordinary disaster comedy, where the quest for pain relief takes a detour via lunacy, addiction and a duck pond! Trust us, this won't hurt a bit…

Watch Penny Dreadful Theatre videos on their YouTube channel.


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