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Download our Spring 2016 Schools Leaflet

 This Teachers’ Resource Pack is designed to facilitate your visit to The Lowry or to be used as a resource in the classroom. The Lowry offers numerous teaching and learning opportunities across the curriculum.

The pack contains seven main sections, representing different aspects of The Lowry from the architecture of the building through to the geography of Salf
ord Quays. They also take into account the LS Lowry Collection, the theatres and temporary exhibitions in the galleries.

At the end of the resource pack there are worksheets for both primary and secondary pupils, please feel free to photocopy and use these worksheets at school or on a visit to The Lowry. There are also projects and research ideas for teachers to use as well as links across the national curriculum up to Key Stage 4
These worksheets are designed for use by both Primary and Secondary Pupils
The above document contains worksheets for you to use with your class. They can be photocopied for each person or adapted to your needs. They can be used in the classroom with information from the teachers pack or on a school visit to the galleries with information taken from the artworks themselves.


Other Learning Resources:

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TAP into The Lowry: A Teachers' Advisory Panel for Salford

How can the arts enrich learning?

TAP is The Lowry’s Teachers' Advisory Panel for Salford. This group of Teachers, Head Teachers, Education Professionals and Artists meet twoce a year discuss the ever-changing relationship between the arts and education alongside any relevant changes, updates and issues relating to the National Curriculum and the arts. Each season TAP will also include a number of arts-based CPD opportunities for teachers, exhibition tours and tickets to performances free of charge. Suitable for teachers from Foundation Level and Key Stages 1 – 4, FE, HE and education professionals.

To register your interest, email Lynsey, our Learning & Participation Manager at lynsey.osullivan@thelowry.com