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Press Night Tickets

A limited number of press tickets are available to most performances and events at The Lowry. Priority will be given to members of the press who are reviewing for major publications or broadcast and are available at the discretion of the Press Office or the external promoter, where applicable.

The Lowry’s terms for press ticket allocation is highlighted at the bottom of this page.

To enquire about tickets for Press Nights,
please email:

The Lowry’s terms for allocating press tickets to guests and is subject to change at any time under the direction of the Head of Communications and/or the Director of Marketing.

You may wish to note the following prior to requesting tickets:

  • Members of the media are welcome to request a pair of tickets in their name. However, the standard press ticket allocation for invited guests of the communications team is one ticket, for the specified press night only, with any other tickets provided at the Head of Communications’ discretion subject to availability

  • Complimentary press tickets are to be provided by the communications team, to accredited members of the media for review purposes only unless otherwise approved by the Head of Communications

  • Anyone attending for review purposes must provide details of coverage i.e. confirmed time of broadcast, newspaper cutting or website link, to The Lowry’s Communications Team within 14 days of the performance date

  • Complimentary press tickets are allocated no sooner than 10 days prior to a performance date unless otherwise approved by the Head of Communications

  • If you subsequently cannot attend a performance, cancellations are to be received 48 hours in advance of a performance going ahead

  • Members of the media attending on the event day without allocated tickets, and unable to produce written confirmation of their tickets via the media relations team, will not be admitted to the theatre

If you are not a member of the media, and are requesting tickets for another reason, you should approach the relevant department, individual and/or the visiting production company with your request

Please note that failure to comply with the conditions under which press tickets are provided, on three separate occasions, will result in a loss of accreditation.


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