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Graham Finlayson: Simply Black and White

Photography Exhibition at The Lowry
8 April – 16 July 2006

The Lowry is showing an exhibition of over 80 photographs by Graham Finlayson, spanning his black and white works from the late 1950s to the early 1970s.

With fellow photographers such as David Bailey he was one of the "young meteors" of the 1950s and 1960s involved in radically changing press photography, Simply Black & White includes some of Graham’s pioneering works.

Finlayson (1932-99) was a staff photographer on the Daily Mail and the Guardian in Manchester before going freelance in 1964. He photographed everything from architecture, industry and fashion to sport and travel. This exhibition includes images both from his time in the north of England as well as his international career. As a freelancer, he worked for the then new magazine supplements (the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph etc) in the 1960s, as well as for glossy magazines. His work took him all over the world and this exhibition includes pictures from Indonesia, Borneo, Cyprus, Nigeria, Ireland and all over the British Isles.

A talented photo-journalist, Finlayson also produced formal portraits which were memorable, including some of LS Lowry. As the artist was thought by journalists to be difficult to interview, Graham thought he might have some trouble. However he got on with him very well, even managing to take a rare picture of Lowry smiling. When Graham went off to meet the artist, his wife Peggie asked him to bring her back a Lowry. When he returned, Graham went into the dark room and after processing and printing, he said to Peggie, “There’s your Lowry!” He was referring to a Lowry painting which appeared in his photograph!

Commenting on his ability to capture memorable and striking images his widow Peggie Finlayson says: "He managed to make himself disappear. People just weren’t aware of him taking their picture. This is clearly reflected in many of his pictures, particularly those of Moore Street market in Dublin and the August Bank Holiday Monday series.”

An illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition. 

For further information about Simply Black and White at The Lowry or to arrange an interview please contact Michelle Bowey, Media Relations Manager at The Lowry on 0161 876 2037 or

Peggie Finlayson - Graham’s widow

Michael Frenchman - he was at the Manchester Guardian with Graham and also wrote the article to accompany the Tyneham series of photographs in the show at The Lowry

Brian Moynahan – was the writer with Graham in Haiti for Tone magazine. The Lowry’s exhibition includes some of these images. Brian still writes for the Sunday Times Geoffrey Moorhouse – was also at the Guardian with Graham

Michael Gandy - was at school in Sheffield with Graham – they started experimenting with photography together. He has interesting tales about early photography.

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