A Beginners Guide to Digital Art

What is Digital Art?

What is Digital art? It is an established art form at the cross section where ideas meet technology. Artists have always used technology in their work, whether it be in painting, print, sculpture or performance so it is only fitting that we keep pace with the new ways in which artists are creating. 

Digital art grew out of artists experimenting with different art forms such as photography, film, lighting, sound, projection, online media and now into digital technology.
It can best be summarised as: an artwork where digital technology is an integral part of the making or showing of that artwork – it would not be the same artwork if you removed the digital element. 

 We want everyone try something new, and then try it again! Our digital programme is as varied as it is future-facing and you are guaranteed to experience something new every time. 

Lucy Dusgate Digital Programmer, The Lowry

What to expect:

You can expect to see live performances using a mix of sound and visuals. You can expect fusions of dance and movement using technology. You can expect visual art exhibitions and large-scale outdoor installations. You can expect new commissions and presentations across the galleries, theatres and public spaces. 
As part of our year-round programme we are regularly inviting local, national and international digital artists to perform, exhibit and respond to The Lowry spaces.
We are also home to the Quays Culture, a digital art programme for Salford Quays and MediaCityUK’s outdoor public spaces that presents an artistic programme of ambitious new art. Quays Culture’s events range from the intimate to the monumental, with the vision of world-class artists. Their annual winter light show, ‘Lightwaves’ attracted audiences of over 425,000 in 2016.

Digital Art Playlist

1. IRIS 2. Dasha Rush 3. humansbeingdigital 4. RHRN

Why The Lowry?

The integration of digital art within our artistic programme is an acknowledgement of world-class digital artists taking their place in our artistic vision for The Lowry. The Lowry sits at the heart of Salford Quays, the home of MediaCityUK, and our programme of art reflects the diverse and world-class digital creativity of ideas that emanates from this location.


Who? Our Lowry artistic team of programmers all take an interest with the lead on digital coming from Lucy Dusgate, The Lowry’s Associate Digital programmer and lead of the award-winning Quays Culture programme as its Producer. Since 2012 Lucy has developed the outdoor digital art programme at Salford Quays, and since 2014 the Lowry’s approach to digital art. 
She has worked for organisations such as Royal Court Theatre, ICA, Battersea Arts Centre, Arts Council England, Lumen Arts, Picturehouse Cinemas and began her professional career as a photographer. She studied a BA at Bristol’s UWE and a MA the University of Salford.