What's On

Week 53: Hacked On Classics

Seb Lee-Delisle

Mon 28 May, 3pm & 7pm
Quays Theatre

A fun geeky night out, celebrating technology and bringing classic 80s gadgets into the modern era with the latest computers and lasers. 

Seb Lee-Delisle presents his new show Hacked On Classics, a celebration of all things digital from the last 40 years. Aimed at anyone who loves technology, Seb unravels all the geeky details about how your favourite retro gadgets work, including Nintendo light guns, Casio keyboards and the cathode ray tube televisions that once dominated our living rooms.

Week 53: Dökk


Sun 27 May, 8pm
Quays Theatre

‘Dökk’ is a journey through the subconscious mind, where reality is represented by worlds and universes that take form and dissolve within the mind, as it constantly seeks a balance between light and darkness.

Week 53: Nervous

Tom Dekyevere

The Lowry Foyer Space

Belgium artist Tom Dekyvere has been producing gigantic temporary artworks to audience acclaim across the globe. The artist has accepted The Lowry's invitation to respond to our building by creating an immense representation of the brain’s nervous system. This structure will be suspended throughout our foyer public areas. By day ‘Nervous’ will be a stunning installation in our public spaces, by night this installation interactive technology enables the public to use their own brain waves to change the nighttime lighting and effect of the artwork.


Andrea Parker

Sun 24 June, 8pm
Quays Theatre

The Lowry invites UK music artist and producer Andrea Parker to curate her choice of electronic music talent - The Sprawl and Koenraad Ecker 

Performance #1: Artist Koenraad Ecker (Belgium) is London-based sound sculptor making experimental electro music. This is a collaborative performance made specifically for The Lowry between Ecker (audio) and visuals artist Yannick Jacquet. 

Performance #2: The Sprawl - a syndicate of sound disrupters individually known as Logos, Mumdance and Shapednoise. Conceived as a performance for Berlin’s infamous CTM Festival, Spawl is a collaboration between London’s Mumdance and Logos hooked up with Italy’s Berlin-based specialist for haunting techno, Shapednoise.