Past Events


As part of our year-round programme we are regularly inviting international digital artists to perform and exhibit art across our venue, here you can see our previous digital events.

Aeolian Light

Artists – Squidsoup & Quays Culture

18 December 2014 – 7 January 2015

Outdoor installation

Sirens / International Internal Catastrophes (IIC)

Artists – Novi_Sad

31 October 2016

Theatre performance

Seismik / Aftershock

Artists – Herman Kolgen

Dark Hearts of Space

Artist - Dasha Rush

The Artistic attempt of which explored the extreme yet fascinating nature of a Black Holes, by taking us for a journey to a region of Spacetime and it's core where gravitational effects are so strong that nothing - including particles, sound or light - can escape from inside of it.


Artists – Marshmallow Laser Feast

26 May – 16 July 2017 

Laser light installation in our main Lyric theatre


Artists - Franck Vigrouz and Kurt d'Haeseleer

Sat 14 October 2017

An intensive live audio and video performance by artists Franck Vigrouz (music) and Kurt d'Haeseleer (video).

Unnatural Borders

Artists – Sober Industries & Quays Culture

20 – 29 May 2017 

Outdoor installation

The Aleph Project

Artist - Mira Calix

Fri 12 January 2018 

Her work explores the manipulation of the material into visible, physical forms through multi-disciplinary installations, sculpture, video and performance works.

SpaceTime Helix

Artist - Michela Pelusio

Sat 20 January 2018

Michela produced a 10-meter high spinning standing wave using her specially designed opto-acoustic instrument. The result? A mesmerising helix, bright and transparent, its waves seeming to travel through time and disappear into the future.

How To Make Art From Life

Artist - Scanner

Sat 22 April 2017

Scanner presented a unique body of work on screen, scored live, featuring his evocative, poetic and intimate vision.

Lightwaves 2017

Various artists

Fri 8 - Sun 17 December 2017

Artworks included a new interactive word sculpture by international poet and author Jackie Kay, new commissions from emerging talent, a dynamic waterside sculpture of light and sound by Tom Dekyvere, and we also saw the return of the popular light painting workshop where you can make your own images to download, and once more we raided the Blackpool Illuminations for characters from sci-fi and Children’’s TV.


Various artists

Sat 18 November 2017 – Sun 25 February 2018


Alexis Langevin-Tétrault

Sat 31 March

On stage, an audio-reactive play of light is revealed gradually: the performer progressively builds a network of strings with which he interacts in order to create a sound universe that meets electronica and electroacoustic music. Interferences (String Network) offers an allegory of the modern globalized and interconnected world in which the individual seeks to draw a sense of his experience and tries to retain his freedom of action. Alexis Langevin-Tétrault offers a singular universe and inspires a dynamic of live music to a musical genre rarely embodied in performance.

Week 53: Dökk


Sun 27 May 2018

‘Dökk’ is a journey through the subconscious mind, where reality is represented by worlds and universes that take form and dissolve within the mind, as it constantly seeks a balance between light and darkness.

Week 53: Hacked On Classics

Seb Lee-Delisle

Mon 28 May 2018

Seb Lee-Delisle presented his new show Hacked On Classics, a celebration of all things digital from the last 40 years. Aimed at anyone who loves technology, Seb unravels all the geeky details about how your favourite retro gadgets work, including Nintendo light guns, Casio keyboards and the cathode ray tube televisions that once dominated our living rooms.

Quays Culture: CHARGE


Sat 9 June, 9.30pm

This Summer, Quays Culture will present a one-night only exclusive outdoor performance with world class dance circus company Motionhouse. CHARGE is an exhilarating new multimedia show inspired by the role of electricity in the human body, and for the first time it will be re-created as an outdoor spectacular that is free for everyone to attend. No booking is required. Just turn up with friends and family to enjoy a summers evening unlike any other.