Flamenco Festival - Jesús Carmona

Jesús Carmona performs here at The Lowry as part of Flamenco Festival in March 2018!
  • Venue: Quays Theatre
“The rapacious way he strides across stage space is terrific, the fast-slicing percussiveness of his feet is brilliant, and the glamorously alert lines and shapes he made through-out the body were almost as radiant as his smiles." The New York Times 
"The brilliant incisiveness of his footwork raised the evening's tension" The New York Times 

Jesús Carmona—a pioneer in flamenco’s evolution— has shared the stage with Spain’s most legendary dancers. He was a principal dancer with the prestigious Ballet Nacional de España for three years before creating his own award-winning company. The flawless footwork and ballet-infused moves that make him a dynamo of a dancer translate masterfully to the work he creates for his own company. For his debut in The Lowry, Jesús presents Equilbrio, a soulful performance that captures the emotion and passion of both traditional and innovative flamenco. Joined by his cadre of musicians and dancer Lucía Campillo, Equilibrio represents an irresistible journey through the different flamenco palos (styles).

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