Flamenco Festival - Rafaela Corrasco

Rafaela Carrasco performs here at The Lowry as part of Flamenco Festival in March 2018!
  • Venue: Quays Theatre
"Rafaela Carrasco appears on her way to creating truly original and modern flamenco” The New York Times 

Rafaela Carrasco’s approach to flamenco dance can be summed up by the title of her 2004 piece Fuera de los límites (Beyond the Limits). Carrasco, born in 1972, is one of the most important flamenco dancers of her generation, and a revolutionary creator of cutting edge flamenco choreography, something that she has proved with her own company and with the works she created for Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía as Artistic Director (2013-2016). Her work has nonetheless pushed the boundaries of flamenco without ever losing its spirit or its deeply visceral feel. For this occasion, Rafaela presents ConCierto Gusto a show where she explores new concepts while maintaining the essence and integrity of true flamenco.

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Running times: 70 minutes.