Hush Hush (September 2018)

The Lowry’s series of top secret nights for the adventurous!
  • Dates Running: 21/09/2018 - 21/09/2018
  • Venue: The Aldridge Studio

Fri 21 September | 8pm | Tickets Available now

Welcome to HUSH HUSH, The Lowry’s series of top secret shows for the adventurous! 

Twice a season we play host to a surprise show in the Aldridge Studio. Apart from Lowry Programmer Matt Eames and the technical team, no one knows what the show is going to be! 

Rest assured the choice of show will be as adventurous as the audience. With everything from sketch comedy to playful interactive experiences, HUSH HUSH presents the very best performance from Edinburgh, London and everywhere in between. For just £5. 

There are two guarantees: 

- The show has never been seen before in Greater Manchester 
- It has had great reviews at Edinburgh Fringe, London or both 

In short, you may not know what the show is, but you’re guaranteed a great night. Come along and get ready to brag to all your mates… 

Past Hush Hush nights include: 

- The Pretend Men: Police Cops in Space 
- Sleeping Trees: Western 
- Rob Kemp: The Elvis Dead 
- The Delightful Sausage 
- Goodbear 
- Le Navet Bete: Extravaganza 
- David Rosenberg & Glen Neath : Fiction 
- Toot: Focus Group 

Please note the performance on Fri 21 September has some elements of interaction. We ask all audience members to arrive 30 minutes before the performance for a briefing and allocated seating. Don’t worry though, you will NOT be asked to act and you will be well looked after by the company!