John Hegley

Join poet comedian John Hegley in our Aldridge Studio this September for lots of marvellous, joyful fun!
  • Dates Running: 23/09/2018 - 23/09/2018
  • Venue: The Aldridge Studio

Afternoon Show (For Families) 3pm

Join the chorus of clappy, clippy, cloppy, floppy, flappy sing song and poem pong. All ship shape with the crew of creatures that go Squirrel Island visiting. Dig deep into a wealth of stories, japes and verses, with plenty of healthy vocab for both young and older. Drawings of 12 different animals, not all immediately recognisable. Find out what the boy on board is pointing at and how the tune goes to the following words: There are often things to do with things, instead of throwing them away hay- HAY. You can use a jam-jar for your marbles…

Evening Show (Adults Only) 8pm

New and Selected

Alongside the potato poems are other vegetable activities, including Pass the Parsnip, Flinging the Fennel and possibly Vegetaboules. Certainly some French content. Family songs and stories. Drawings of Henry viiith and some dogs. Hearts broken and mended. Jolly and  melancauliflower and borrowing the brother-in-law's wheelbarrow. Come and singalong.

Devised to some extent for adults but with certain appeal to any approaching double figures.

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