Musical Rewrites: Shoots (Wonky Musicals) & No Miracles Here

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Shoots, your favourite Studio Members scratch night, is returning to the studio in September – this time with a musical twist! Followed by live music and wall-to-wall dancing in a sweat soaked marathon with a Northern Soul with ‘No Miracles Here’.
  • Venue: The Aldridge Studio

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A double bill of new musical theatre. Join us for a brand new scratch work-in-progress and a fully-formed all-singing, all-dancing new production.


Shoots, your favourite Studio Members scratch night, is returning to the studio in September – this time with a musical twist!

‘Shoots’ is an evening dedicated to the development of ideas, projects which might one day turn into fully formed pieces and go on to conquer the world, but which for now are stuck floating around in your creative ethers, trying to find an audience. It’s about throwing an idea at the wall and seeing if it sticks, it’s about now rather than never, it’s about the spit, without the polish. And this time, it’s about how eventually the rhythm is going to get you.

The following four performers/companies successfully applied to receive £250 seed funding towards the development of their new musical, as well as a performance slot at Shoots:

Ali Matthews + Leo Burtin – Witches of the World Unite! (working title)

Witches of the World Unite is a piece of protest gig-theatre that is a call to arms for young feminists to form their own radically-charged, magical-thinking sisterbrotherhood. Join them as they try out a selection of songs and text from a witch-rockstar from another world and her ragtag punk band. The piece is a collaboration between Matthews + Burtin with drag and visual artist Cheddar Gorgeous, storyteller and illustrator Peter Stevenson, and musical doula Ellis Davies and is supported by Arts Council England. Matthews + Burtin are produced by Jennifer Taylor and Making Room.

Collette Murray – Ubuesque! The Scientific Musical of Imaginary Solutions

The scratch beginnings of a musical re-imagining of UBU ROI by Alfred Jarry for a post-truth society.

Using four hundred year old French chansons, buffon and musical software, this fairground side-show reveals the age-old story of grotesque political aspirations and obscenities, through the extreme use of song, vocal sound, text and technology. Directed by Collette Murray and Mark Winstanley; performed by Alex McCoy and Sarah Coyne.

David Cumming, Natasha Hodgson & Zoe Roberts - Operation Mincemeat

How did a corpse, a submarine, the creator of James Bond, the wrong briefcase, a fake love affair and a worrying obsession with trout lead to the greatest heist in the history of British Intelligence?  

Declassified, delirious and deeply deranged – welcome to the true story of Operation Mincemeat: the craziest secret mission ever to derail Hitler. Brought to you by Cumming, Hodgson and Roberts, three of the shadowy, sweaty minds behind Lowry Associate Artists Kill the Beast.



Dan Jarvis, Derek Martin & Giles Deacon – Writer Writes (working title)

In a bare room a writer struggles to write the perfect story… the perfect play, the perfect musical! Beleaguered by changes of mind and crises of confidence, all the writer has is their imagination. But what happens when one’s imagination decides to take over one’s own story? A playful irreverent piece about the artistic process, the challenges of creating something original and the fulfilment of when your work takes on a life of its own.

Written by Derek Martin, composed by Giles Deacon and Directed by Daniel Jarvis.

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The Letter Room
Wed 20 – Fri 22 September

‘Tighten your laces, look to the band and don't let your knees hit the ground.’ The music has started and they can't leave the floor. There’s no rule book they’ve just got to keep going; that's what everyone else is doing.

A tale of resilience, strength and the need to just stay on your feet, The Letter Room present a sweat soaked marathon with a Northern Soul. Packed with live music and wall-to-wall dancing, No Miracles Here is an anthem to feeling alive and keeping the faith.

The Letter Room is a North East theatre company telling stories full of raucous live music and are associates of Northern Stage.

“foot’stompin’ soundtrack” The Scotsman
★★★★ A Younger Theatre
★★★★ Broadway Baby
On previous show Five Feet In Front
“thrilling tension, fierce choreography” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby on previous show Bonenkai. Supported by the Royal Shakespeare Company, New Wolsey Theatre, Northern Stage and Shoreditch Town Hall.