Musical Rewrites: Thor + Loki & No Miracles Here

Part of Musical Rewrites | House of Blakewell | The Letter Room

Join award-winning comedy cabaret act House of Blakewell and North East theatre company The Letter Room for two catchy and fierce musicals!
  • Venue: The Aldridge Studio

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A double bill of new musical theatre. Join us for a brand new scratch work-in-progress and a fully-formed all-singing, all-dancing new production. 

House Of Blakewell

Award-winning comedy cabaret act HOUSE OF BLAKEWELL share work-in-progress and never-seen-before material from their new musical: THOR + LOKI. Freely adapted from Norse mythology and featuring a cast of five, this is a story about friendship, destiny and the end of the world. There will be fierce battles, catchy show tunes, tap-dancing and an assortment of woodwind instruments.

The world is ending. Thor has superhuman strength. His father Odin has raised him to fight giants but he’s sensitive and increasingly opposed to violence. One day he meets the orphan Loki, half-god, half-giant. As Loki challenges the status quo, the pair form an unlikely friendship; they become swept up in Odin’s dubious war and begin to see the world in a different light.

**** ‘Clever, funny and touching, with serious musical chops’ The Scotsman on WE CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY
The Letter Room. Wed 20 – Fri 22 September 

‘Tighten your laces, look to the band and don't let your knees hit the ground.’

The music has started and they can't leave the floor. There’s no rule book they’ve just got to keep going; that's what everyone else is doing.

A tale of resilience, strength and the need to just stay on your feet, The Letter Room present a sweat soaked marathon with a Northern Soul. Packed with live music and wall-to-wall dancing, No Miracles Here is an anthem to feeling alive and keeping the faith.

The Letter Room is a North East theatre company telling stories full of raucous live music and are associates of Northern Stage.

“foot’stompin’ soundtrack” The Scotsman
★★★★ A Younger Theatre
★★★★ Broadway Baby
On previous show Five Feet In Front
“thrilling tension, fierce choreography” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby on previous show Bonenkai.

Supported by the Royal Shakespeare Company, New Wolsey Theatre, Northern Stage and Shoreditch Town Hall.