Lowry Art Class

Open Day 2018

Explore LS Lowry Landscapes and Portraits.
  • Venue: The James Dunn Classroom
  • Ages: 7+

This performance is:

  • Art
  • Fun for families
  • Interactive
  • Learn something new
LS Lowry Landscapes
Explore a selection of Lowry’s many landscapes. Learn about Lowry’s life and the context of some of the paintings. Study the composition, atmosphere and mood of the landscapes, thinking about Lowry’s use of image and colour and using that, create your own piece of artwork to take away with you.
LS Lowry Portraits
Focus on some of Lowry’s key portraits; learn the context behind them as well as information about Lowry’s life.  Discover the many different ways to represent figures, develop ideas about self-portraits and how portraits capture emotion. Work with the artist to develop portraiture skills looking at proportion and Lowry’s colour palette.

Additional Information

Landscapes: 10am – 11:15am
Portraits: 3pm – 4pm
Age 7+