Week 53 - School of Moon

Shonen: A Week 53 Commission

This celebration of a micro-society on building, between robotics and a iconographic dance inpired by Pieta of Michelangelo, questions our the representation of childhood, fascination for artificial, and empathy for human body dancing.
  • Dates Running: 20/05/2018 - 20/05/2018

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    On a luminous stage, children, small robots and a grown-up couple engage themselves in a zero gravity slow moving dance, smoothly reaching a climax of rhythm and fury. 

    Some imitate the others, others decide what will be the choreographic movements, some dance on their own. Is it already the self assertion of future leaders or spoiled children or charismatic personalities? 

    By their side, robots that look like skeletons join the dance. Mechanic and organic bodies with their blank eyes stare compose a newborn post-human fragile community, in which grown-ups are, at the same time, guides and witnesses. 

    ‘School of Moon’ carries Shonen's mark with their works involving children. The company questions the multiplicity of the body and dance, crossing new technologies and various dance styles inspired by japanese butô, contemporary and urban dance styles.

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