Shoots at The Lowry

A Studio Members scratch event

After a brief hiatus, Shoots, your favourite Studio Members scratch night, is back with a vengeance.
After a brief hiatus, Shoots, your favourite Studio Members scratch night, is back with a vengeance. After more curated scratch nights covering physical theatre, dance and musicals, this time we’re throwing the doors of opportunity wide open, and accepting absolutely any and all ideas, regardless of genre or performance style. You just need to convince us why your idea deserves to have a little time in front of an audience. 

Four performers/companies from the Studio Members programme will be given the chance to develop and road test 15 minutes of new material in the Lowry’s Aldridge Studio on the evening of Thursday 14 June, also providing a valuable opportunity for audience feedback to help you move forward with the project. They will also receive £250 seed funding to help in the basic development of the piece. The event will be open to the public, with tickets sold at approximately £3, with ticket income being fed back into the Studio Members programme so we can continue to offer you these great opportunities. 

‘Shoots’ is an evening dedicated to the development of ideas; projects which might one day turn into fully formed pieces and go on to conquer the world, but which for now are stuck floating around in your creative ethers, trying to find an audience. It’s about throwing an idea at the wall and seeing if it sticks, it’s about now rather than never, it’s about the spit, without the polish. 

Things for applicants to consider: 
• Pieces must be technically very simple – each group will have a one-hour technical rehearsal on the day of the event, so anything beyond basic ‘press go’ sound and lighting cues is probably unachievable in that time. No flaming pyrotechnics please. 
• Pieces will be performed on a bare stage - there will be a five minute changeover between pieces on the night, therefore you will need to be able to easily set up and clear the stage in that time. No flaming Ferris wheels please. 
• Technical rehearsals will take place the afternoon of Thursday 14 June – all performers will need to be available then as well as for the evening performance. No flaming latecomers please. 

Other than that, there are no restrictions on what you present – just take your best idea and throw it our way. To apply, please send a 500 word description of the piece you’d like to scratch plus a biog to

The artists


Nuala has things under control. Socks, skulls, skittles. Everything. But unearthing the skeleton of a long dead girl changes things. As she tries to piece together how this girl ended up face-down in an unmarked grave, it gets harder to stop her own life falling apart. Ladybones explores what it’s like to be perceived as different, and how we try to hide or come to terms with that.

Written and performed by Sorcha McCaffrey
Directed by Lucia Cox

Jon Coleman

This is the story of my journey from here to the edge of the universe to find out if we are truly alone. I travelled through vast swirling nebula, passed dwarf planets, collapsing stars and across the void between galaxies to find intelligent life; all the while wondering what it would mean for humanity if I actually found aliens, or what it would mean if I didn’t. And if aliens do exist, will we still be here when they come to find us?

Liam Barker

Katherine McDermott and Joe Clegg present Back after the Break. Written in poetic free verse, it explores the themes of youthful aspiration, romantic love and gender - all through the unlikely phenomenon of corpsing. To the casual observer, Georgia and Daley are indulging in care-free silliness, whilst acting in a scene for TV. Yet, their fits of laughter belie a deeper truth. Back after the Break is written by Liam Barker, an MA poetry student from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Highlight Collective

After birth, we expect mothers saying ‘but my children are the best thing that ever happened to me’. After birth, a flurry of Instagram-worthy catalogue style photos of happiness flooding our social sphere is the norm. 
Yet in a study at University of Oxford led by Marian Knight it was found that suicide is the cause of death for 1 in 10 pregnant women or new mothers in the first year after birth. Yet this time is presented as being one of only happiness and fulfilment so how do we talk about the hidden pain of birth in a way that is truthful?

Written by Nicola Schofield
Directed by Amy Hailwood
Designed by David Haworth
Performed by Sara Abanur

Highlight Collective are delighted to present a work in progress presentation of 2 monologues titled LEAK and FEAR. ETC was founded in 2017 with a desire to tell hidden stories that are female led.

We are incredibly grateful to the The Lowry's scratch opportunity, SHOOTS for allowing us to play in a safe environment. The two short monoglogues you will see are part of a wider collaborative project - AFTER BIRTH - with visual artist Naomi Kendrick and musician/singer/songwriter Jennifer Hardy on the subject of maternal mental health. We are also privileged to be joined by collaborators named above who are exciting talents in their respective disciplines. Together, the full length show AFTER BIRTH will be presented at Royal Exchange Theatre's annual festival of new works - Co:LAB Festival 2018 - on Sat 21 July.