SpaceTime Helix

Michela Pelusio

Multidisciplinary artist Michela Pelusio creates a kinetic sculpture that will bend light, matter and sound into a hypnotic experience for the audience.
  • Venue: Quays Theatre
This January we present a live performance of the unexpected in our Quays Theatre with Italian artist Michela Pelusio. She combines mesmerizing visuals with modular electronic sound by Stratos Bichakis.

Michela produces a 10-meter high spinning standing wave using her specially designed opto-acoustic instrument. The result? A mesmerising helix, bright and transparent, its waves seeming to travel through time and disappear into the future. Michela boasts an impressive performance record including BOZAR, BAM and MUTEK festivals and international TEDx events. 

This magical experience has been a hit with audiences across the globe.

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