The Aleph Project

Mira Calix

Inter-disciplinary composer and artist Mira Calix presents her own compositions inspired by the notion of colour.
  • Venue: The Aldridge Studio
Mira Calix has always associated music with colour, it’s been a a large influence on her compositional process.  For her performance at the Lowry she’ll be accompanying her music with a video work inspired by the artist Joseph Albers paper cut ‘Interaction of Colour’. He created an experimental methodology for studying colour, based on the idea that only by observing colour in the push and pull of context, can one begin to understand the true nature of colour.  This is an ongoing project which premiered at the Splice Festival in London and at the Turner Contemporary in Margate in 2017. Colour, film and music work in symbiosis to create a haunting experience that is unique to every performance.

About Mira Calix

Mira Calix is an award winning artist and composer based in the United Kingdom. Music and sound, which she considers a sculptural material, are at the centre of her practice. Her work explores the manipulation of the material into visible, physical forms through multi-disciplinary installations, sculpture, video and performance works. Calix’s practice is deliberately disjunctive, allowing research, site, and subject to influence a fluid choice of materials and mediums. 

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