For Deaf Or Hearing Impaired Visitors

Sign Language Interpretation

BSL Interpreted/Delivered Events are designed to improve the experience for people who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired.

What is a BSL Interpreted Performance?
A BSL interpreter interprets the production live on stage. The interpreter is always clearly visible without compromising the actors on stage. During these performances, the interpreter will stand in a spotlight and communicate with the audience by signing throughout the show.

How do I use this service?
When booking, our Box Office staff will advise you of the best places to sit so that you have a clear view of the interpreter.
BSL Interpreted Performances are discounted.

What is a BSL Delivered Tour?
Once a season we host a BSL Delivered Tour of our current exhibition. During the tour you will be guided thorough the exhibition and describe the artworks on display.
BSL Delivered Tour are free of charge.

How do I use this service?
Sign up to our access newsletter by emailing to find out about the next available BSL Delivered Gallery Tour. If you are coming to one of these tours, please meet at the Galleries Desk at the top of the escalators on Level 2.

Captioned Performances

What is a Captioned Performance?
Captioned Performers allow theatregoers with varying degrees of hearing to view the full text as it is spoken or sung, including the sound effects and off-stage noises. These appear on a scrolling screen, positioned on or at the side of the stage.
Captioning can also be helpful to those who use English as a second language and for most audience with interpreting difficult dialects within shows.

How do I use this service?
When booking, our Box Office staff will advise you of the best places to sit so that you have a clear view of the caption units.

In the Galleries
There is a 20-minute introductory film to LS Lowry called Meet Mr Lowry. This film is subtitled.


Stage text provides the majority of the open caption performances in our theatres. 

You can watch a short introductory video about their services here.

Hearing Enhancement Services

Digital Hearing Aid Enhancement
In order to enhance the sound in our theatres through a digital hearing aid, an infra-red Sennheiser system is in operation in all three theatre spaces. A Sennheiser necklace or headset receiver is required to use this system. These are available from the Information Desk or programme sales point at the theatre. 

The hearing aid must already be pre-programmed  by the supplier to work with the necklace or receiver. If the digital hearing aid has been supplied by the NHS it will already have been pre­ programmed. However, if it is from a private supplier, it will need to be checked with them to find out if it has been programmed to operate with an infra-red Sennheiser system and switching the hearing aid to the 'T' position. The infra-red Sennheiser system works regardless of whether actors wear a microphone or not.

Assistive Listening and Audio Description
We feature an innovative streaming solution for assistive listening and audio description from the audio specialists Sennheiser. The free MobileConnect app gives hearing and 
visually impaired theatregoers access to supplementary audio channels for assistive listening or audio description. Audio content is transmitted in real-time to the audience member's mobile device. Theatregoers can use their own headphones and their own devices as a receiver without  needed additional hardware. All they need to do to use the 
system is download the free MobileConnect app to their devices.

Induction Loop
To improve the experience of the Hearing Impaired visitor, Induction Loops, which work with both digital and non-digital hearing aids, are in operation at the following locations.
•   Information Desk
•   Box Office
•   Lowry Shop
•   Galleries Desk
•   Pier Eight Bar
•   Quays Bar

And in the following Corporate Hospitality Meeting Rooms
•    Hexagon Room
•    Compass Room
•    North and South Rooms
•    Studio 1, 2 and 3


BSL Interpreted Video - Winter/Spring Brochure 2018

Large Print Brochure - Spring 2018

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