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  • Rave Art: 3D optical illusion takes to The Lowry stage.

Rave Art: 3D optical illusion takes to The Lowry stage.

Tuesday 9th January 2018

A mesmerising giant vertical wave spiraling to the dizzying height of 10m comes to The Lowry stage on Sat 20 Jan, 8pm.

Performed in its Quays theatre, SpaceTime Helix uses an experimental machine called an ‘opto-acoustic,’ to create a visual performance of sound and light. The performance is the brain-child of  Italian Art-Scientist Michela Pelusio, in collaboration with a different electronic sound artist for each show. 

On stage the two artists will create a unique live performance at The Lowry. SpaceTime Helix is never the same as the two artists respond to each other live on stage. 

Art-Scientist Michela Pelusio said "The performance forges a malleable kinetic sculpture that bends space, light, matter and sound. When you look at the Helix you can see quantum mechanics when the Helix jumps from one shape to the next. A natural phenomenon which is almost a miracle right in front of your eyes." 

Although beautiful to watch as an optical illusion of sound and light, the work has more to it than at first glance. The artist takes String Theory is a starting point, as she explores the natural phenomenon of sound and light. 

She continues “Vibrating strings are fundamental in our understanding of the world and the universe. Space Time Helix is a metaphor for the return to the root of things, and to the simplicity and the complexity of the macro and microcosmos, the internal and external space, the architecture of the mind and the architecture of nature. 

Michela Pelusio is an Italian sculptor, artscientist (Art and Science MA) and performer. Her work focuses on immersive Arts using space, light, matter and sound. Her research involves the exploration of human perception and the crossover between art, science and technology. She has performed internationally at numerous venues and festivals, with this performance being a huge hit with audiences at MUTEK Montreal 2017. 


Listings Information 
SpaceTime Helix 
Date: Sat 20 Jan 
Time: 8pm 

SpaceTime Helix is an Audio Visual instrument built with arduino mega. The speed of the Helix is controlled by a breathing sensor through a wearable interface, the light frequencies, colors and sounds are controlled from a custom made console, the light pulses and speed are then transformed into sound trough light sensors and microphones. The acoustic of the string is amplifying, pre recorded and modulate. The analogue light sensors and microphones of the Helix are connected to the sound card or synthesizer of the invited sound artist. So both performer are live reacting with the Helix. 

SpaceTime Helix was presented at Sparkling Sound Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark 2017/2015, BAM Festival in Liege, Belgium 2017, Keroxen17, Santa Cruz, Tenerife 2017, BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival, Brussels, Belgium 2017, MUTEK Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017, MUTEK Montreal, Canada 2017, ArtBites 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia 2017, MUTEK Barcelona, Spain 2017, Mutek Mexico 2016, octagonal Tower of Federico II in Enna, Italy, in2016, OSA Open Source Art festival in Poland i2015, ADAF Athens Digital Art, Greece 2015, Fasma Festival in Athens, Greece 2015, Embros Theater in Athens, Greece 2015, Lexus Hybrid Art 2014 in Moscow, Max Planck Institute of Astrophysics in Germany 2013, at TEDx Heraklion in 2014, at TEDx Athens in 2015, and at the Natural History Museum of Crete in 2012. The helix controllers were developed during a residence at the Museum Quartier21 in Vienna in 2012, and at Schmiede Playground of Ideas in 2012, 2013, 2014. and in Greece with the collaboration of hackerspaces and engineers.

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